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How Important is An Estate Planning Attorney?


Estate planning is an extremely important procedure for virtually everyone and, depending upon your personal circumstances and your desires, estate planning might be fairly simple or very complex. Regardless of what the circumstances of your life are, you need to make sure that you have a thorough and efficient estate plan in place that covers all possible bases post-death. Your will, as well as other legal documents, can be filled out and filed in whatever state or country you live in, but having a knowledgeable attorney on retainer can make the whole process run much more smoothly and efficiently. This is particularly true if you happen to live in Seattle, one of the most progressive and unique cities in the entire country. The population of Seattle is over 1 million strong and the city is home to a wide variety of unique people who, with time, can build a substantial fortune on the stock market and even more so with their own estate plans and assets.


If you are considering getting an estate planning attorney, there are certain criteria that you might want to look at before making a decision. For instance, if you are not already resident of the Seattle area, it probably makes sense to hire an attorney who, besides expertise, has offices or contact in the area. This is especially true if you happen to be one of the many highly skilled individuals who are able to work from their own home. However, if you happen to live in another part of Washington State, there are also certain aspects that you will want to take into consideration. This is because, in addition to expertise, the best will almost certainly have local contacts and is accustomed to working with people who are in the Seattle area.


In short, if you want the best protection possible for your family after you pass away, then you need to find an estate planning Seattle attorney who can give you comprehensive estate planning advice. These experts may assist you with creating a trust, making last will and living wills, and executing your last will. More often than not, they will also be able to help you deal with probate, pay off any outstanding debts, and set up any final expenses that are not included in your final bill.


When it comes to probate, your estate planning attorney will be invaluable because he or she will be able to work closely with your financial advisor to try to see that all of your assets are properly distributed as you die. If you are married, the attorney will be able to help you draft any Will you and your spouse have, as well as any final living trust that you both establish. If you die without a will, then your estate planning attorney can handle distributing your properties and other assets.


Your Seattle lawyer will be familiar with the most effective and beneficial probate strategies, and he or she will be able to instruct you on how to make sure that your money and property are properly cared for after your passing. If you have significant assets, it may be best to hire a Seattle estate planning attorney to manage them, as well as advise you on how to best take care of them after you pass. If you die without a will in tact, then your family is entitled to everything that you own, including your financial assets and real property. This includes anything such as artwork, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, boats, planes, furniture, or other valuable items. However, you must be certain to get this advice from a reputable lawyer. Often times, family members and friends can not provide the best possible counsel and recommendations for protecting your interests.


Many times, the bill contains provisions that allow for life insurance or retirement accounts to be taken out. However, these types of plans are not allowed to be taken until a specific age. The exception is when the person has other forms of investment capital. In addition, some estate planning attorneys will be able to help you decide who will inherit your properties should you die before a specific time frame, such as when you turn 65 years old or once you become a senior citizen. Again, it is important to make sure that you have your final wishes known and that your decisions regarding these and other issues are addressed in your will.

Family Law

First Thing to Do Before Filing a Divorce

Deciding how to get a divorce easily is often something that couples face when they are deeply in love and just don’t want the process to drag on any longer. There is no question that every couple goes through a rough time during their marriage, so why can’t the divorce process to be smooth, too? Many people believe that couples who choose to get a divorce are doing themselves a favor by agreeing to go through the process, since it will hopefully help them reunite with their loved ones.

They may also believe that they are doing themselves a favor by getting a divorce, because they will be able to avoid future heartache by living life again. However, there are times when the divorce process just isn’t practical or fair, and it’s important to know how to get a divorce quickly and easily if you ever hope to regain any sense of family and friends following the divorce.


The first thing to know is that you should not try to get a divorce on your own. You will need to hire a licensed divorce lawyer who has experience dealing with the courts in your area to help you get this process started. The reason is that the laws can become very complex, and you could find yourself arguing with your spouse’s attorney and other court officials. Unless you are well-educated in the law, hiring a divorce lawyer could really be a smart decision for your unique situation.


Another way to answer the question of how to get a divorce easily and quickly is to decide if you want to seek an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces typically require two parties to agree on all terms of the divorce, including child custody, the division of assets, and so on. For some couples, this process can actually be faster and less expensive than a traditional divorce proceeding. If your marriage is getting close to a final settlement, it might be a good idea to seek an uncontested divorce rather than wasting time and money on a lengthy litigation process.


If you decide to go with an uncontested divorce, you still have to learn how to get a divorce quickly and easily. Because this type of divorce is quick and easy, your spouse will usually be willing to enter into it if you show them that you are willing to cooperate. Many couples who have uncontested divorces go back to their wedding day and have a reception with their immediate family. You may even be able to get your partner to change his or her wedding attire to something nicer that you like!


Once you get your divorce finalized, you will be able to officially split up your property and credit card accounts. This means that you will have to come up with large sums of money to pay for each of your properties and debts. An uncontested divorce takes a lot less time to settle than a traditional divorce, and you will quickly get your financial situation in order.


When it comes down to how to get a divorce easily and quickly, you can save yourself a lot of money by using the services of a good divorce lawyer. These lawyers will help you sort out your finances and help you set up an uncontested divorce. These types of divorces are usually quick to have completed because both parties are able to reach an agreement on all terms beforehand. If you would rather not use the services of a divorce lawyer, you can try to get an uncontested divorce on your own. However, it will take a lot more work and energy on your part in order to get your divorce handled without the help of someone else.