It's a wrap!

2014 ended on a good note for ATXAHH.  Our December 14th giveaway brought 27 people together to serve 144 people in line.  Seven of our volunteers were first timers!

We don't always get the perfect shot on the first try.

There we go.   :)

You know how the Inuit have a whole heck of a lot of words to describe "snow?" We wish there were as many words to say "thanks" to all our volunteers and donors.  It's just not possible to find the right string of syllables to convey how awesome you are.  

As the year comes to a close, we wish you the following:  

May December 25th be the best 359th day of your year
May you and those you hold dear be happy, healthy and safe
May you be allowed to stay in your pajamas. All day.


End 2014 on a good note.

Here's your chance to join us for the last giveaway of the year on Sunday, December 14th. We often need extra hands at the very beginning so please arrive at 8:50 am for announcements before we set up. If this is your first time volunteering, please click this link for a map. Several groups distribute items under "the bridge" but you'll find us in the northwest corner, closest to the APD building.

If you want to bring some last minute donations, here's a list of commonly accepted items. We're also collecting items for our Warmth Drive. All donations need to be dropped off at the pick up truck so they can be logged before distribution. Be sure to provide your email address if you'd like a receipt.

Everyone is welcome to gather for brunch immediately after the giveaway.  We'll shoot for our usual place, the Central Market patio on North Lamar.  If the weather doesn't cooperate, Cafe Express is the alternate location. Stick around after the giveaway to see what the consensus is.

We'll see you Sunday!