donations: red light, green light

Sunday's giveaway was another success!  Thanks to the donors who contributed to the October giveaway. You really pulled through...we ended up with lots of toothpaste to distribute to most of the people in line!  25+ volunteers served 145 people in 35 minutes.  That's a record amount of time.

We're often asked what is best to donate: cash or items.  It's your choice.  If you donate cash via paypal, we're able to buy most items in bulk (which is often a better deal).  On the other hand, some people like to go searching for deals so they prefer to donate items (which is okay with us, too). Our amazon wishlist is always available as a reference. As we plan for the November 16th giveaway, here's a priority list with convenient traffic light coding, just for fun:

LOW PRIORITY (We have plenty of these items & do not need more right now.)
soap bars
nail clippers

MEDIUM PRIORITY (It's always good to have more of these.)
travel size hand sanitizer
emergency blankets

HIGH PRIORITY (We really need these.)
dental floss (pick-style or traditional rolls)*
lip balm
travel size first aid kits

*It would be terrific if you could donate the toothpaste and dental floss ahead of time (as opposed to bringing it to the giveaway).  While we usually don't make giveaway kits, next month we are going to distribute small dental care packages that include a toothbrush, paste and floss. We have PLENTY of toothbrushes waiting to be paired with paste and floss. Having the paste and floss in advance will give our volunteers time to put them all together.

Remember to try on your winter gear. If it no longer fits, we'll take it!  Adult coats, jackets, hoodies, gloves, scarves, thermals, etc. Each month (November - February), a few of our volunteers will dedicate their time at the giveaway to helping people get ready for colder temps by running a Winter Wear station. If you have kid gear, please consider donating it to the Junior League of Austin Coats for Kids drive


Sunday, Sunday!

It's time for our next giveaway!  Same spot as always. Announcements and set up are scheduled for 8:50am and the line opens at 9:00am.  If this is your first time joining us, look for any volunteer sporting a yellow bandana to help you settle in.  Some volunteers will head to brunch at the Central Market cafe on North Lamar after the giveaway.  Come enjoy this weather while it lasts!